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  • Top-notch tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs

  • C.E.M 11+ Coaching

  • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation

  • Online Tuition Now Available

  • Energetic and proactive learning methods that children enjoy

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11 Plus Tutor Ilford – Why us?

Each one of our 11 Plus tutors team is an experienced professional who knows how to help your child on their way to success with the 11 plus exams. Our tutors in the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford use the latest, most proactive methods of teaching that they tailor to each child in the group to ensure guaranteed success. The sessions we offer are energetic and inspiring so your child is motivated to give their best and to be satisfied each time. Our tutors in the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford don’t just teach your child what’s important for the 11 plus exams, but they give them knowledge on how to improve their learning skills and be able to rise above anything that stands in their way to achieving their dreams.

The services our 11 plus tutors offer

11 Plus Tutor Ilford - For many years now we have earned and preserved our status as the most visited 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford, all because of our experienced, high-calibre tutors. In order to be part of our 11 plus team, each tutor has to show tremendous experience and motivation to work with children and support them on their way to success. To date, we have helped thousands of students to pass the 11 plus exams with high scores and take their learning knowledge with them long after. And this is why with us you will always find a suitable tutor for your child’s needs, whether through a group tutoring or one-on-one sessions.

Top-notch tutoring services

Depending on the needs of your child, we provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring and academic support when it comes to the 11 plus exams. As proof of our excellence, stands the fact that most of our business comes from word of mouth and plenty of students come to us because of recommendations. Many of them with whom we work have been with us for years.

We believe in academic mentorship. But we also believe that the best mentors are inspirational role models: scholars, thought leaders and world-changers.

A tutoring partnership between parent and tutor

In the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford, we not only create a strong connection with the students, but also maintain a robust partnership with you as a parent because we believe this is the only way to make continual progress. We are always there for you to consult and discuss successes but also potential areas where problems might arise and how to address them individually. It is through this link between you and your child that we can give our tips and advice on how you can continue supporting their potential in the future after our tutoring sessions.

Our teaching methods customised to each student

What’s tutoring worth if we cannot tailor it to the specific learning style of your child? We never generalise and teach in the same way some other educational institutions teach. In the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford, our tutors get to know each student in order to find out what their learning obstacles are and where they need help the most. Namely, by focusing on each individual’s needs, we have created a completely new tutoring approach. Throughout our long experience, we know what the new generations need and with that we build an entire tutoring program around them that inspires and engages at the same time.

11 plus summer tuition program

School, work, and extracurricular activities sometimes can be hard to manage throughout the year. In order to help you with that, we have created a comprehensive summer tutoring session where our tutors cover a wide range of different courses during summer weeks. These summer tuition programs in the tuition centre in Ilford are not only designed to inspiring and help the children to grow their knowledge, but they also give them the opportunity to grow while they are on vacation and have the chance to focus on one thing instead of managing all other activities that come with the school year.

Outstanding student support

At the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford, we understand that ongoing support is a real game-changer when it comes to improving the learning skills and rising above any obstacles that our students have acquired throughout their mainstream learning period. Sometimes this means just talking to them to improve their self-esteem, sometimes it involves giving extra work in order to support their wide base of knowledge in which they are excelling from their peers at school. It is extremely important to maintain the success they’re showing and enhance it with extracurricular work and tutoring sessions, particularly if they’re showing proficiency in any area of their studies.

By supporting them and giving them the exact level of learning as they require, we give them the right environment to grow and develop into successful people following their dreams.

Not all tuition centres can provide this for your child, and especially not regular schools.

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